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(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
I want your mouth around my nipple,
the pierced one - yes, right there.
Bite me, don't tease me.

I want your tongue on my scars,
I want them wet again.
They are deadened nerve and I can hardly feel
you, anyway; you're always there when I choose.

I want your touch, unmistakably you -
I never felt a kiss this smooth
this consistently cold. You left me scarred
and I think of your touch often,

I have never needed something more.
I keep you encased in white boxes,
in silver cages.

I will not let you take over me,
but there you are - again and again;
I cannot forget you,
and I sometimes entertain the thought, should I?
Would I let you out?
"You haven't found your voice yet," he observes
about a poem from my teenage years
I wrote before I knew him.
He tosses it aside, like so
and then approaches, as I see it flutter down
it lands, ungainly crumpled. He engulfs me,

holds me tightly, presses through me;
I hold my gaze in our reflection, his back turned -
just me and me: then I blink first.
He lets me go. I breathe.

We drink spirits heavy, blur with hash
then, ashing in a crumpled can,
companionably, we slip away -
I am squeezed breathless in my clumsy form,
and I stumble, drunken, get away.
I take responsibility:
in these blurry wakenings, eyes squinting open
lace-shattered glare, the summer's coming.

I take responsibility:
chuck codeine down my angry alkie gut

I made myself these morning lessons,
unwrap them daily with new black-out bruises
as cruel sentience tucks me in, possessed:
I, for this as well, take responsibility.

I take it, then I drown it:
and awakening, accept it. Until later,
when I take my cure, as self prescribed
and all the while, taking responsibility.
The third time you brought me flowers
they were yellow roses,
and they were yellow tulips.

Then, you spliced their leaves clean-cut,
a thorn biting a gasp free from you

then, you gave them their awkward positions
in a pint-deep vase
stolen from some blurry dive
way back when, back then.

I watched you, yellowed in our silence,
pruning mathematical buds with knowing fingers,
with those knowing, square-nailed fingers

pruning those predictable buds
neatly confined; just like my stubbed out wings.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
She is sharply angled,
shooting smoke from her lips, slipping syllables
her voice hoarse
hair burnt red, bouffant in sweat.

She is chemical, powder-drip potent
aching down my throat, in crowded cubicles
I rush, in the palm of her hand
we draw straws
then I spike like her weapon-shoes

but there is too much space
I crave her claustrophobia; she comes

closer; she stains my chin when I move in
tasting, finding her
I am rouged by her powder,
my lips blush after her
I wear her all night.
as hell.


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United Kingdom
"My thoughts are messy, my emotions are messy, my body goes in and out at will. The raised white scars on my arms and legs are the only aspect of my being that comes close to minimalism. They came from chaos, but it is hard to carve frustration and unease into the flesh. Only straight lines." - Emma Forrest. This is why I write.


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Incredible literature. :D Love it!
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Love all your work. New to this so hopefully will have the time to put up my short stories in time. If you have a moment listen to world at large by modest mouse. Poetry in music. I feel by your writing you may like this song, if not already heard it :) Keep writing x
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I just wanted to say that Thin Skin was the book I turned to with every error in my life, every new scar and heartbreak, every mistake I made. I have loved the lines from your deviantID for as long as I can remember. I haven't actually met anyone else who knows about Emma Forrest so I was both shocked and delighted to see her up there. Also, congrats on your DD-- it was lovely. :)
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